• Rice Granola: Kinako Flavor



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  • We want to offer delicious taste as well as being good for your health.

    We included azuki beans and sweet potatoes etc. in a well-balanced manner. You can eat it with milk, soy milk, or yogurt, and of course, enjoy it as it is. Perfect for using it also as toppings for ice cream, etc.

    Our Rice Granola is:

    1. 100% Japanese rice: We used 100% Japanese rice (brown rice) grown in Japanese soil.
    2. A delicious, soft texture: You can enjoy softness unique to rice. We prioritized a delicious texture by carefully baking two kinds of puffs and oats.
    3. Very low gluten*: We do not use wheat, barley, rye as raw materials. This is a low-gluten food that is friendly to the body that complies with European standards (Very Low Gluten).


    FROM TOKYO (Japan) Food and Drug Administration 10-3-02243-5-0571 Allergen Information Soybeans, Milk
    Ingredients Rice processed product (rice flour (Japanese), brown rice (Japanese), brown rice flour (Japanese), sugar, malt extract, salt), oats, sugar, kinako, vegetable fats and oils, Dried fruits (apples), starch syrup, pumpkin seeds, Processed vegetable product (sweet potato), Processed soybean product (Non-GMO), Processed azuki bean product, acidulant, Antioxidant (vitamin E, sulfite, vitamin C), fragrance.